I Need Your Help!

Posted: September 21, 2015, 11:17
There has been a lot of now followers both on facebook, twitter and here on the Internet recently and I just want to make you aware of a few things that I need your help with. OK, here we go.

Mr Mercedes
Finders Keepers

Link on how to send in photo is on each page. Here are my photos to give you an idea...

I want to post as many photos as I can of you, the King fans, with his books. And a lot of you have sent in photos but I bet there are more of you out there that have the books and want to be part of this. So, check these pages out and then send in your photo with any of these three books (the photo should be a photo of you and the book, not just the book). Any edition and language goes.

I’m trying to decide what book the fans like the best and for that I need you to vote. Head over here and cast your vote for the best book!

OK that’s it. I hope you’ll all help me out with this! Thanks!
/ Lilja