Thursday's winner and an error if Friday's question

Posted: April 21, 2006, 23:43:03

Due to an error on today’s question has been disqualified. The answer is RRD28I but on the it says RR28I. Many of you might say that so what if it was wrong on It’s not the only source out there and you are right. But since I say that "all answers can be found at" I feel it does matter.

What now then? Well, based on previous experience I won’t allow both answer and I won’t disqualify the ones that have answered with RR28I. So, in an attempt to be as fair as possible a new question will appear during Monday next week. I’m sorry for this and I hope you all feel this is the most fair thing to do.

I apologise for this and hope you can sympathise with my decision.

And now, on to Thursday’s winner.

Question: What was the error on the 1st printing of PET SEMATARY on the back of the DJ?
Answer: "1982" Caretakers Error

The winner is Jodie Bennett from Australia, congratulations!

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