Lilja's Library: The Number Game #6

Posted: May 31, 2014, 11:01:01

The last 10 entries has been selected and now there are a total of 60 drawn entries. Out of these I will pick 3 winners that I think have sent in fun and interesting photos of themselfe and the book I was looking for. The three winners will be presented tomorrow Sunday.

The correct answer now was Cycle of the Werewolf. The number 12 was because it’s written like a calendar and the word Shapeshifter was for the werewolf itself. The 10 selected can be seen below.

The sixth 10 entries:
Rodrigo Loo
Macarena Robles
Jennifer Aldridge
Michael J.Littlefield
Kevin Grissom
Dawn Adams
Monica Tillery
John Miller
Emily Harper
Ted Earley

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