Last 3 episodes of Under the Dome

Posted: September 2, 2013, 09:18
Neal Baer talks about the last three episodes of season 1 of Under the Dome. Why couldn't they let it end after this season? It's just getting worse and worse if you ask me...

More on my (and Lou’s) thoughts on Under the Dome in the next podcast. Oh, and I might end up having to apologize to one of the actors... Look for it soon!

Under the Dome's fourth hand has been revealed!

After it was pieced together that Junior (Alexander Koch) also had seizures growing up — coupled with the fact that his mother drew him as a child with pink stars — he joined Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz), Joe (Colin Ford) and Angie (Britt Robertson) at the mini-dome to discover that he is, in fact, the fourth hand that unlocks it. As the quartet placed their hands on the mysterious mini-dome, pink stars showered around them, at which point Junior says what every viewer is thinking: "But what does it mean?"

"The last three episodes dive deeply into exploring that question," executive producer Neal Baer tells "The power of the four hands will soon be revealed."

These four could be the key to uncovering the mystery of the dome — and in turn, the mini-dome, which is now home to a caterpillar that will seemingly turn into a Monarch butterfly. But is the caterpillar the Monarch who will be crowned? (It's all a bit confusing, no?) "All we know is that the caterpillar has the potential to turn into a Monarch butterfly," Baer says. "So the question is how this Monarch butterfly, trapped under the mini-dome, will lead to the crowning of 'The Monarch.'"