Ghost Brothers out today!

Posted: June 4, 2013, 12:25
What edition of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (if any) are you getting?

Standard – 1 enhanced CD with the dialogue excerpts included. The libretto will be included as part of the enhanced CD. Download card with music only inside order here

Hardcover version – 2 CD 1 DVD set – Printed Libretto. The package will contain 2 audio CDs, one with the dialogue excerpts and one without. The DVD will contain the making of program and “Truth” video. order here

Deluxe – 2 disc CD/DVD set – Standard CD with the dialogue excerpts. The DVD will be the making of program, “Truth” video, and the digital libretto. Download card with music only inside. order here

Digital Book for iTunes – Will contain all of the deluxe content interacting with the libretto in an iTunes exclusive digital book. order here

Digital version – Two versions will be available, with and without the dialog excerpts. order here