Joyland; King's next book

Posted: September 20, 2012, 10:14:41

Charles Ardai talks Joyland and Haven:

CA: Yes, JOYLAND. Itís coming out in June 2013, and itís perfect summer reading. Itís actually set partly on a beach, in the summer, so you have no excuse not to buy a copy and take it with you to the beach next summer. (I do realize that by the same reasoning you should only read FRANKENSTEIN in a castle during a lightning storm, but never mind.) Weíre keeping the book under wraps until weíre closer to the publication date, so you wonít get any spoilers from me, but Iíll tell you itís about a college student who gets a summer job working at a small-town amusement park and discovers some very strange things going on. Anyone who wants more info can find a bit on our website, Iíll tell you this: Iím a hardboiled sort of guy, but I was crying by the end of JOYLAND. Anyone who can read this book without shedding a tear shed is made of stone.

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