Stephen King has second thoughts...

Posted: September 11, 2000, 13:06
In a letter to the Editor of New York Time Sunday Magazine King apologized about stuff he had said in an interview with The New York Times.

Here is what he said:


The chief hazard of the interview process is that there is never a chance for a second draft, where one may revise or delete badly expressed and sometimes downright idiotic comments. In the course of my talk with Stephen J. Dubner (Aug. 13), I spoke slightingly of my daughter's hard-won religious beliefs and, in an effort to express my admiration for my younger son's fiction, managed to make it sound ephemeral instead. His stories, witty and sharply observed, are fine examples of craft and character. The reason I didn't say that in the interview, so far as I can tell, was that my mouth was too full of my own foot. I apologize to my kids, who deserved better from their old man.

Stephen King
Bangor, Me.

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