And the winners are...

Posted: November 15, 2011, 00:03
The 11/22/63 contest is over and before I let you know who the lucky winners are, here are the correct answers.

Question 1: What is the difference in the title between the US and UK title of 11/22/63?
Answer 1: UK = 11.22.63, US = 11/22/63

Question 2: Who is narrating the audio edition of 11/22/63?
Answer 2: Craig Wasson

Question 3: What’s included in the enhanced eBook that’s not in the trade hardback?
Answer 3: A 13 min film.

Question 4: Characters from another King book appear in 11/22/63, from what book?
Answer 4: IT

Question 5: Who did the cover for the UK hardback of 11/22/63?
Answer 5: Alasdair Oliver

And now the winners…

The five US audio editions go to Bryant Burnette, Brian Thompson, Lea Scott, Hans Guth and Ann Wills.

And the four UK hardbacks go to Peter Leach, Hans von Wirth, Tori Ley and Danijel Bogdanovic