Limited (to the US) edition of 11/22/63

Posted: November 1, 2011, 20:15
This info was sent out to members of King's email list:

11/22/63 Signed, Limited Edition
The signed limited edition of 11/22/63 will go on sale at 9 AM ET on Tuesday, November 8th. This will be available on-line only through Simon & Schuster's web site. There will be a one book per customer limit, available to consumers only, no retail accounts. This is also limited to domestic US sales only.

Price $150 plus shipping & handling. Books ship immediately

Limited time offer. Available while supplies last.

* Signed by the Author
* Chapter opening photos
* Shrink-wrapped

Personally I don't like that they are limiting this to fans in the US though, that's just wrong if you ask me...