And the winners are... (part 2)

Posted: September 12, 2011, 22:08:33

Here are the winners of the Haven and Dead Zone prizes (donated by Piller/Segan/Shepherd)

The three winners of Haven signed mini posters are: Ms Charlie Johnson, Brian Thompson and Rusty Lundgren

The three winners of season 1 of Haven are: Kevin Figiel, Jesse Lankford and Greg Mason

The winner of a entire season compilation of The Dead Zone is: Brad Carpenter

The winner of a season 3 Binder is: Marcus Gool

The five winners of a white Season 4 Dead Zone hat are: Ari Sippo, Gunnar Aho, Kris Moon, Irina Grozi and Mikka Hola

The five winners of a white Season 5 Dead Zone hat are: Uri Al, Minna Holm, Jo Ganna, Andrew Lash and Mika Kosi

The winner of a '07 Dead Zone satchel is: Gilbert Lopez

The winner of a black and red Dead Zone hat is: Bob Acron

The winner of a black and silver Dead Zone hat is: Viena Smith

Congratulations to you all and check back later for when more winners are announce.

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