And the winners are... (part 1)

Posted: September 12, 2011, 21:38:18

Because there are so many winners this time (more than there have ever been) I have decided to announce them in portions. This is the first and this time it’s the prizes from Hodder & Stoughton) that’s at stake. All winners have also been notified by email.

The twelve winners of a limited edition mobile phone charms for Cell are: Adam Ric, Carl Beer, Nicole Brown, Jörgen Sten, Jukka Jonsson, Tom Aron, Frank Stich, Andrew Bar, Julia Somar, Hilta Gorg, Hiros Xaver and Roman Gulcha.

The three winners of a limited edition book marks for Lisey's Story are: Steven Murr, Andy Gord and Vanessa Gluck.

Congratulations to you all and check back later for when more winners are announce.

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