King and American Vampire

Posted: April 19, 2011, 08:48
Many of you have asked if I know if King will be back with American Vampire and here's the best answer we can get at the moment. It's from an interview with Scott Snyder at AICN.

[Interviewer: O]ne more thing about AMERICAN VAMPIRE. I was wondering if there were any word on Stephen King ever coming back and doing some more stuff?

SS: He teases it. He’s doing a little piece, a foreword, for us in prose for the volume two which is out in May, which we are really excited about which collects issues six through eleven. But he always has an open door man. I talk to him a lot. We send him every issue and he’s always chiming in about where he’d like to be, so my hope is we are really, really thrilled about what we have planned for the fifties. I have a big, big twist and a new character I want to bring in that is sort of our version of a Punisher. He’s a character who has actually been tucked into the series earlier in a hidden way and my feeling is that if he comes back at any point, it will probably be there. I think that he can’t really resist hot rods and vampires.

Thanks to willowlove