King in Pittsburgh to research for new book

Posted: August 10, 2000, 21:23
BUTLER, Pa. (AP) - Maybe there's nothing eerie about western Pennsylvania, but folks keep seeing Stephen King in a seafood restaurant around here.

Some residents of Butler and Lawrence counties spotted the horror author Sunday and Monday at a state police barracks and at a Red Lobster restaurant. Apparently, King visited the area, about 35 miles north of Pittsburgh, to research rural life for a new book.

Trooper Rob Lagoon said King toured the state police offices while keeping tightlipped about the story. The author did say it should be out in 2003 and would be set in an area like western Pennsylvania.

Tina Slupe, the general manager of the restaurant where King ate, said employees recognized King and asked for his autograph.

"He told them he would give the autograph and he wouldn't bite, but if 20 people approached him seeking an autograph, he would bite," Slupe said.

King, a resident of Maine, is the best selling author of "Misery," "Carrie," "The Shining", "Pet Sematary" and "The Green Mile" among others.