Dark Tower and Javier update

Posted: March 2, 2011, 14:48:24

Here is a report from MTV about the latest with The Dark Tower and Javier Bardem:

With the ever-changing, ever-flowing news cycle surrounding the goings on in the film industry these days, it gets tougher and tougher to get concerned parties to actually confirm or break news. Nevertheless, our tireless team of intrepid reporters here at MTV News will not give up in trying to push people for info! Like whenever we happen upon super producer Brian Grazer and pump him for details about "The Dark Tower," for example...

The last time we checked in with Grazer, the Roland casting process was moving along, but slowly. When I stopped him while on his way into the Vanity Fair Oscar party last Sunday, solely with the purpose of peppering him about the reported casting of Javier Bardem as the ruthless gunslinger, he seemed pleasantly puzzled by the fact that MTV is so interested in the project.

"'Dark Tower,' Javier Bardem, that's what we're hoping," Grazer said when I asked him for an update. "We're in the process of trying to put that together. Will that make you happy? Will that make MTV happy?"

Yes, I told him. Very happy! But has he officially signed Bardem onto the project?

"He's locked in psychologically," Grazer said. "He really wants to do it, so we're absolutely rooting for him to do it."

When asked to address other potential cast members, Grazer said they're too busy with Bardem.

"We're really just focused on Javier right now," he said.

Grazer went on to say that in addition to the challenges involved with locking in a lead actor, they'll have their hands full trying to roll-out the project across multiple platforms including film, TV and video games.

"It's challenging to capture all of it, the density of it," he said, adding that he's excited to explore all the metaphors involved, and that the first story they're exploring is that of "The Gunslinger."

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