More comments on The Mist

Posted: March 14, 2005, 14:00
THE MIST is a very scary and memorable story, one of Steve's best "muscular" short pieces, with characters in the kind of pressure-cooker environment that nobody writes as well as King. I intend to be faithful to the material, so I think the movie will be good.

"Whether it's a studio picture or not, I want to go with a very gritty, low-budget indie approach. Big-budget gloss would work against the material, plus I'm excited about trying my hand at a more seat-of-the-pants filmmaking approach on this one than I've used in the past...I'll use whatever approach works best, I want to go as old-school as possible with the effects. It's a rather old-school story anyway; it feels like a movie that might have been made in the '50s. The thing to bear in mind about THE MIST is that you don't actually see that much as King wrote it; it's the stuff you don't see that scares you, sort of like in JAWS. I want to maintain the tension of King's story rather than overload the screen with CGI monsters".

Thanks to VertigoSpiral.