King will release a new short story next month

Posted: July 23, 2000, 21:10
The Old Dude's Ticker has now been released. I haven't read it yes so at this point I have no further info, stay tuned...

In the mean time, here is the cover for the "Necon 2000 Commemorative Volume"

The new story King will have in the "Necon 2000 Commemorative Volume" will be 7 pages long and called The Old Dude's Ticker. It's reported that it will be a collaboration between King and Edgar Allan Poe!?!? How this is possible isn't clear at this time.

The story will be illustrated by Richard Sardinha and have an introduction by King.

Here are the data:

Editor: Bob Booth
Publisher: The Necon Committee
Publication Date: July, 2000
Place of Publication: Bristol, RI

Story Byline: Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe
Story Title: The Old Dude's Ticker
Accompanying Illustration (page 24): Richard Sardinha
Text covers pages 25-31
Note: There is an introduction to the story by the author (King, not Poe).

Here's what the official site says:

And finally, we give you below the final contributors to ye Necon 2000 Commemorative Volume. NOTE:
As Ye Webmistress understands it, there is only one way to get this little gem: Attend Necon. It's part
of the Necon registration bag and extras will NOT be printed. It will not be for sale anywhere. It will
not be reprinted. And lest life has made you forget: Necon is limited to 200 attendees. Once it fills up,
that's IT, so the timeless words of wisdom apply here: You Snooze, You Lose! A few words straight from
the mouth of Our Esteemed Necon Chairman: "333 copies of the book will be printed. All are identical.
There will be no special copies (i.e. signed, numbered, human skin, etc.). The book will NEVER be
reprinted, once the printed copies are received from the printer the PageMaker file will be deleted..."
Thanks to Bev Vincent and Justin Brooks for the info.