And the winners are...

Posted: May 3, 2010, 22:18:34

The contest is over and here is the result. But first the correct answers:

Question 1: Who is the artist that did the Secretary of Dreams book?
Answer 1: Glenn Chadbourne.

Question 2: Stephen King, "Dolan's Cadillac". Signed First Edition. is a short book. How many pages are there?
Answer 2: 64 pages.

Question 3: The Black House, Signed Lmited Edition is a luxurious edition bound in full leather. It is lavishly illustrated through out by who?
Answer 3: Rick Berry.

Question 4: The Danse Macabre proof has First Edition as stated on the copyright page along with what code?
Answer 4: RRD281 code

Question 5: The 1978 first printing of The Stand was a long book, with 823 pages. What was the original retail price?
Answer 5: $12.95

And the winners are: Brad Carpenter (The Dark Tower V First Edition), Theresa Bowen (The Dark Tower VI First Edition), Samantha Dreiling (The Dark Tower VII - First Editio), James Cook (Tommyknockers 1st edition, UK) and Stephen Degni (Dark Tower IV - First Edition).

I also want to thank Veryfinebooks for donating these prizes and if you're ever looking for a nice King gift, please visit them. They probably have what you need!

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