Press release for Full Dark, No Stars

Posted: February 26, 2010, 11:45
Here is Hodder & Stoughton's press release for Full Dark, No Stars

STEPHEN KING HAS MAJOR DARKNESS IN MIND FOR 2010 UNDER THE DOME, published in November 2009, reached more readers then any other King hardback novel published in the UK in the last decade.

Its publication, with a winning marketing campaign, demands a worthy successor for 2010, and Hodder & Stoughton are delighted to announce the acquisition from US agent, Chuck Verrill, of FULL DARK, NO STARS.

The November publication month that has proved so successful for UNDER THE DOME and JUST AFTER SUNSET will again provide a perfect position to launch this volume of four all-new novellas for Christmas 2010.

These darkly thrilling stories are all linked by the theme of retribution, and are a showcase for the power of King’s inimitable imagination – satisfying established readers whilst enticing new ones. Visceral, immediate and featuring just a few characters, this is the other side of King’s writing; contrasting intimate portraits after the huge canvas that was UNDER THE DOME.

For further information about FULL DARK, NO STARS please contact Kerry Hood on 020 7873 6l73. And for more information about Stephen King visit and