And the winners are...

Posted: November 29, 2009, 21:47
Last week’s contest is over and here are the correct answers and the winners.

Monday’s question: What New Yorker cartoonist drew the part title illustrations of characters in the Signed Limited and Collector's edition of Under the Dome ?
Monday’s answer: Matthew Diffee.

Tuesday’s question: In "Under the Dome" What is the name of the town newspaper owner?
Tuesday’s answer: Julia Shumway

Wednesday’s question: Carrie was the first published novel in 1974. How many first editions were printed?
Wednesday’s answer: 30,000

Thursday’s question: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger was the first volume in The Dark Tower series, which King considers to be his?
Thursday’s answer: "magnum opus"

Friday’s question: IT was among the very few novels with over 1,000 pages. In the US First Edition, Firsdt printing, how many pages did IT have?
Friday’s answer: 1152 pages

And the winners are: Daniel Taylor, Raymond Muraida, Patrick Bishop, Stephen Degnim and James Starkey.