Photos of Artists Inspired by Stephen King

Posted: November 19, 2009, 19:44:15

Here are some cool photos of Artists Inspired by Stephen King that I just got my hands on. Enjoy!

Art book with signatures in back

Traycase for the signed edition (outside)

Traycase for the signed edition, art book and book of prints (13x19 inches)

Michael Whelan holding Knowing Darkness
John Picacio signs a copy of Knowing Darkness
Don Maitz holds slipcase with his Desperatino artwork

Here are info about the different editions:
The limited edition of 1500 copies (not numbered or signed) is slipcased and is called "THE SLIPCASED EDITION" by the publisher. This currently retails for $295.

The edition of 300 copies (numbered and signed) is traycased and is called "THE TRAYCASED EDITION" by the publisher. The extra book is only in the TRAYCASED EDITION. It is 13-x19 inches and consists of artwork from the book, bound into the oversized hardback that is laid into the traycase with the art book itself. This currently retails for $995.

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