And the winners are…

Posted: November 16, 2009, 22:07
Under the Dome week is over here at Lilja’s Library and it’s time to select the winners in the contest that run during the week. But first here are the correct answers:

Monday’s Question: Who narrates the audio version of Under the Dome?
Monday’s Answer: Raul Esparza

Tuesday’s Question: What is the difference in (numbered) pages between the US and UK edition of Under the Dome?
Tuesday’s Answer: The US has 1074 and the UK 880 numbered pages so the difference is 1074 – 880 = 194 pages

Wednesday’s Question: What’s the name of the small town that ends up under the dome?
Wednesday’s Answer: Chester's Mill

Thursday’s Question: What is the name of the company behind the US cover for Under the Dome?
Thursday’s Answer: Platinum

Friday’s Question: How can you get the deck of cards with illustrations from Matthew Diffee?
Friday’s Answer: By getting the collector’s edition of Under the Dome

And now, here are your winners.

The 10 US hardbacks:
Ira Jackson, Meloni Flann, Hans Wright, Thomas Biené, Marcus Larsson, Greg Olsson, Eva Step, Mari Lapp, Peter Harkley and Will Thomas.

The 10 audio:
Mark Simons, Bryan Robinson, Kevin M. Figiel, James Starkey, Nicholas Bolanos, Steve Skinner, Ricky Williams, Robb Guyer and Janette Storer and Bob Ireland.

The 3 UK harbacks:
Stefano Gatti, John Thornburn and Joachim de Koning