The Wind Through the Keyhole

Posted: November 12, 2009, 09:01:36

Here is a clip from the book signing King did at Walmar in Dundalk, Maryland yesterday. In the Q&A he confirmed the new Dark Tower book, that Under the Dome will be an HBO miniseries and that he has written a script for Cell. This clip is shot by Steven Seebode.

Also, this was posted on King’s board:

The moderator at S.K. message board gave details on the new D.T. book:
"Stephen has given me permission to pass along that he has an idea for a new Dark Tower book, the working title of which will be THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE. He has not yet started this book and anticipates that it will be a minimum of eight months before he is able to begin writing it."

Thanks to Steven Seebode and David Squyres

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