And the winners are...

Posted: November 24, 2008, 10:25:40

The contest that is already a legend :-) has now ended and here are the correct answers and winners:

Question 1: Who is the book He is Legend honoring?
Answer 1: Richard Matheson

Question 2: Has King collaborated in any way on a story with his children before Throttle?
Answer 2: Yes. With The King Family And The Wicked Witch his kids illustrated the story.

Question 3: What story by Richard Matheson is Throttle inspired by?
Answer 3: Duel

Question 4: Where did the news about a collaboration between King and Hill first appear?
Answer 4: Joe Hills official site

Question 5: What different versions will there be of He is Legend released by Gauntlet Press?
Answer 5: 4 different versions is being released by Gauntlet Press:
- 750 copy signed numbered edition (signed by all contributors except Richard Matheson)

- This numbered edition with a special beveled bonded leather slipcase with the cover art inset into the slipcase

- 52 copy lettered edition in a special bonded leather traycase. This is the only edition that will be signed by Richard Matheson.

- Unsigned Limited Edition

And the winners are Catherine DeSimone, Chris Roberts and Tom Twinem all from the US.

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