And the winners are...

Posted: March 2, 2008, 00:01:58

Here are the right answers and the winners in the latest contest…

Question 1: Christine is seen as the polar opposite of what other famous car?
Answer 1: Christine is seen as the polar opposite to Herbie The Love Bug, often prompting online discussions between fans of the two cars as to who would win in a race... or a fight.

Question 2: The Dark Tower The Gunslinger was first published in what year?
Answer 2: 1982

Question 3: What the name of King's publishing company that created Six Stories in 1997?
Answer 3: Philtrum Press

Question 4: Transgressions was a signed limited edition limited to how many copies?
Answer 4: 200

Question 5: The Green Mile won which award in 1996?
Answer 5: Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel in 1996

And the winners are:

Grand prize: a signed first edition of The Dark Half goes to Fredrik Billinger from Sweden.

Second prize: a first edition of IT goes to George Tregear from the US.

Third prize: a first edition of The Tommyknockers goes to Robin Wallace from the US.

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