And the winner is...

Posted: December 15, 2007, 21:42:44

Finally the time has come to draw a winner of what is the best prize I’ve ever had the privilege to hand out; a signed copy of The Stand. But as usual, here are first the correct answers:

Question 1: What is the ISBN # of the Deluxe Edition The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger?
Answer 1: 0-937986-51-8

Question 2: The Green Mile, 2007 , was produced as a signed limited edition by Subterranean Press. How many total signed/numbered copies were there?
Answer 2: 148

Question 3: The Eyes Of the Dragon , 1984, was produced by what Stephen King's publishing company?
Answer 3: Philtrum Press

Question 4: The 1st edition/printing of The Tommyknockers required more than a full number line. What must be printed below the number line?
Answer 4: Permissions to come

And the lucky winner is Sheila Buchholz from the US, congratulations!

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