Mist contest winners...

Posted: November 22, 2007, 10:16:24

The Mistcontest is over and here are the right answers:

Question: William Sadler who plays Jim Grondin in the movie also play a role in the audio version, who?
Answer: David Drayton

Question: Does King have a cameo in The Mist?
Answer: No

Question: Who plays David Drayton?
Answer: Thomas Jane

Question: What is Franks biggest change compared to King’s story?
Answer: The ending

Question: Is it Frank Darabont or Stephen King that has written the script for the movie version of The Mist?
Answer: Frank Darabont

And the lucky winners are:

The Mist audio: Dana Jean Richardson from the US
The Mist audio: Dennis Laughlin from Canada
Poster: Jane Smith from the UK

The Mist audio: Shirley Younger from the US
The Mist audio: Jodie Bennett from Australia
Poster: Adam Hill from the US

The Mist audio: Ken Turvey from Canada
The Mist audio: Janet Watson from the US
Poster: Tom William from the US

The Mist audio: Fred Pellerito from the US
The Mist audio: Jim Stange from the US
Poster: Mario Costa from Italy

The Mist audio: Dorothy Korstad from the US
The Mist audio: John Caldwell from the US
Poster: Lars Stolts from Germany

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