Grant's Little Sisters of Eluria

Posted: November 14, 2007, 08:41:42

Things are starting to happen with Grant's edition of The Little Sisters of Eluria and The Gunslinger:

Two years ago, I announced that Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. will be publishing a book containing THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELURIA and the revised edition of THE GUNSLINGER (which was published by Viking). Stephen King has chosen to title this combined volume THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELURIA.

The book is illustrated by Michael Whelan and will contain new art as well as the art originally published in the first edition of THE GUNSLINGER.

We have now received from Michael all the additional art for the book and can start working on design and production.

Price, schedule and other details have not been set and when further information is available it will be posted on our website and published in our newsletter. We expect that this will be announced in the beginning of 2008.

We are not taking orders, reservations or putting people on a waiting list.

Please do not call or email us for further details as we will just refer you to our web site and suggest you remain subscribed to our email newsletter.

Thank you.

Robert K. Wiener, President
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.

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