Movie News From Comic Con

Posted: July 22, 2017, 21:15
Here are some Comic Con news that might pan out...or not...

Rose Madder:

Assaf Bernstein, maybe the hottest new director in Hollywood after directing the acclaimed Israeli TV drama Fauda, has signed to direct an adaptation of the 1995 King novel Rose Madder. It will be produced by Bread & Circuses’ Craig Flores, Primary Wave’s Brad Kaplan and Ace in the Hole’s Bernstein. The filmmaker, who helmed The Debt and wrapped his first English-language film Look Away, found out King was a big fan of his TV series and was receptive when the writer-director approached on Rose Madder.

Said Bernstein: “Stephen King’s literary universe has greatly influenced me as a writer and filmmaker, and Rose Madder is a terrifying and exhilarating thriller that will make for a compelling parable of the battle between the sexes. Rose and Norman undergo a fascinating transformation, sometimes horrifying, at other times touching, and occasionally both at the same time. Rose is a once-in-a-lifetime role for an actress.”


The Dead Zone series exec producer Lloyd Segan is back in business with King on a potentially ground-breaking premise. They will adapt the 1994 King novel Insomnia as a scripted VR series, and are in talks with Google to make it happen. The Fate Of The Furious and Straight Outta Compton helmer F. Gary Gray is circling to direct a terror story about a man stricken with extreme insomnia that unlocks an ability to see messengers of death, these gnome-like creatures that cut the strings of the life aura that everyone possesses. All this is set against a pro-choice convention. The plan is to film an hour, initially, broken into five- or 10-minute segments that can be viewed at home with systems like Valve, PlayStation, Xbox.

Source: Deadline

Thanks to Rick Urban & Dimitris Tso

Rose Madder

Posted: February 9, 2000, 15:57
HBO Pictures bought the rights to turn Rose Madder into a movie but they later decided not to do it. Hopefully someone else will do it.