Gwendy's Graphic Novel Update

Posted: January 16, 2023, 10:53
Brian Keene has an update about the graphic novel version of Gwendy's Button Box.

I’m finishing up the final draft of the final half of the script, and character designs and other artwork is in progress. There are no deadlines on this project — it’s something we work on in between other gigs, but nevertheless, it’s nearing the finish line, script-wise.

Thanks to Herbert West

Gwendy’s Button Box: The Graphic Novel

Posted: March 28, 2022, 10:02
In his last newsletter Brian Keene reveals that he is doing a graphic novel adaptation of Gwendy’s Button Box. The thing that makes this one extra interesting is that it will go beyond the novella and explore the other residents of Castle Rock.

Here is what Keene write in his newsletter:

I worked on INVISBLE MONSTERS and PROJECT CASTLE (and a lot of people have figured out what the latter is, and Rich Chizmar confirmed it during a YouTube Livestream, so the heck with it — let’s dispense with the codename. PROJECT CASTLE is actually a graphic novel adaptation of Stephen King and Richard Chizmar’s GWENDY’S BUTTON BOX. However, it goes beyond the novella and explores the other residents and denizens of Castle Rock, and what they were up to during the time period of the novella. So, for example, while Cujo, or Deputy Andy Clutterbuck, or Frank Dodd didn’t appear in the book, they could very well appear in the graphic novel. Basically, I’ve been allowed to run riot all over Castle Rock in the 1970s, and it has been a lot of fun. We’re still a while from publication (I’m on the final draft now) and I’ll stay mum about the artist and the rest of the team (because Rich didn’t speak about any of that on the livestream).

If it seems like I’m taking a long time for a 100+ page graphic novel, that’s because I am. These aren’t my characters, and it’s a setting beloved by millions, and I am taking my time to make sure I deliver something that is respectful, thoughtful and loving of them. And I’m also fact-checking with Bev Vincent and other experts to make sure the stuff I’ve added matches up, continuity-wise. Bottom-line: if you’re hoping for Pennywise fighting Father Callahan in the basement of the Castle Rock VFW, you’re going to be very disappointed. But if you’re wondering what the Castle Rock Strangler was doing the night Gwendy pressed a button and ate a chocolate rabbit, I think you’ll dig it.

Thanks to Herbert West