The Outsider FANPHOTOS

Here's a little gallery of fans getting their copy of The Outsider. To be featured on this page, follow the instructions in this article.

Number of fanphotos: 15

  • Carsten, Germany
  • Greg Reiser, Ottawa, Canada
  • Luca Gnuva, Italy
  • Hans W. von Wirth, Germany
  • Ramonda Brady
  • Vesela, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Christian Sjöblom, Gränna, Sweden
  • L. Z. Moreland III, Houston, USA
  • Chlöe, Canada
  • Jason Fisher, Brisbane, Australia
  • Jeff Daugherty, Princeton; USA
  • Kristi Babb
  • Paul Attwood, UK
  • Anders Jakobson, Örebro, Sweden
  • Hans-Åke Lilja, Örebro, Sweden