Stand Update

Posted: September 11, 2014, 00:08
The Collider recently spoke to Josh Boone about The Stand and here are some things he said.

I finished writing the script maybe a month ago. Stephen [King] absolutely loved it. It’s, I think, the first script ever approved by him. [It'll be] a single version movie of The Stand. Three hours. It hews very closely to the novel.

And about when it might start shooting...

It takes a long time to prep a film like that. Six to eight months. I don’t imagine we would shoot the movie until next Spring at the earliest. And we’re still early in the process. I’m still meeting actors and having budget meetings and all that.

Read the full interview here.

I also spoke to Josh today and he confirmed that the rumor that Matthew McConaughey has been offered the key role of Randall Flagg is incorrect.

Thanks to Douglas Dowie