Road Rage #2

Posted: April 12, 2012
Category: Comics
The second issue of Road Rage is out and with that King and Hills story is concluded. I like the story and I like the illustrations but it feels a bit rushed at the end I think. I didn’t feel that the first issue was rushed but here it feels like they either ran out of paper or rushed the ending.

With that I’m not saying that it’s not an interesting issue because it is. I like the story about the tribe and the crazy truck driver (we get to know why he acts like he does here, something I asked for in my review of issue #1) no doubt about that. I also like the illustrations and I think they are perfect for this story.

With this issue the focus will turn from King and Hills story Throttle to Richard Matheson’s Duel and it will be interesting to see the differences and the likenesses between the stories and hopefully the last two issues will both be good reads.

Lilja's final words about Road Rage #2:

Issue #2 is definitely worth checking out and I recommend you do just that. Both because you get the conclusion of the story and because you’ll be ready for issue #3. And off course because it will entertain you!