King's Characters Introduce Mr Mercedes

Posted: May 30, 2014, 23:30
Thursday 29 May 2014, marks the official countdown to publication for No. 1 bestselling writer Stephen King’s new novel, MR MERCEDES, which publishes on 3 June 2014, and the launch of an innovative digital content campaign. Hodder & Stoughton publishers have worked with the agency The Upside, which has devised a creative strategy highlighting the fabulous breadth of Stephen King's storytelling. The idea is simple: have some of King’s classic characters come to life to introduce his new book.

Five mini animations of 15” have been created, each featuring a different character from one of King’s celebrated books. Each will reveal more about Mr Mercedes, the eponymous character in King’s memorable new novel. The videos will be released via, in the five days leading up to the publication.

On publication day, 3 June 2014, the animations will be edited and released as one long introduction to the novel, with a fresh scene revealing Mr Mercedes himself to readers.

Check out Danny from The Shining and Carrie from Carrie here.