The Gunslinger / The Drawing of the Three

Posted: November 30, 2004
Category: Audio
OK, I have listen to a third CD with music inspired from King's Dark Tower saga. This one is done by John Griffin, a undergraduate at WMU, and covers the first two books.

The first part is a live recording of the part that is inspired by The Gunslinger and I must say that it feels a bit strange to hear people applauding at the end. Not that it changes the music itself but it compromises the feeling the music gives you.

The part that covers The Gunslinger is quite OK. Far from all of it makes me think of The Dark Tower but some of it do. Especially the piano part that I suppose is inspired by Roland's visit to Tull.

The second part of the CD that is inspired by The Drawing of the Three and is a more confusing trip. The music doesn't seam to have a common factor and part of it feels way to hysteric. I don't know if that is Griffin's intention or if it's just me but The Drawing of the Three part didn't make it for me.

Lilja's final words about The Gunslinger / The Drawing of the Three:

Well then, do I recommend you to buy this CD? If you're a die-hard fan of orchestra music you should at least consider it but otherwise, I'm sorry to say, you are better of spending your money on another CD.

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