LT's Theory of Pets

Posted: July 19, 2001
Category: Audio
When I first read LT's Theory of Pets I must admit that it wasn't my favorite. It was funny but I didn't really like the ending. I thought it left too much hanging and that the story didn't finish properly.

Yesterday when I listen to the audio version of the story, read by King himself, I still fell that the ending leaves me hanging a bit but the story gets so much better when it's read by King instead of when you read it yourself.

I'm aware that a lot of fans don't think that King should read his own books, that he doesn't have the right voice for it. Personally I feel the complete opposite. I think King is a superb reader and that his voice works very well for reading stories. I also feel that it's a plus if the author reads his own works. He, if anyone, should be able to get it right, right?

The story is about LT who has a special theory about pets. In the story he tells us how he got a cat, Lucy or Screwlucy like his wife Lulu likes to call her, for Lulu on their anniversary. Lulu got him a dog-called Frank. After a while it turns out that Frank hates LT but loves Lulu and Lucy loves LT and hates Lulu. Confusing? Don't worry, King tells the story in a great way. This is the basic element in the story LT is telling and what his theory is based on. I won't say anything more about the story itself, which would be to spoil it for you. You will understand when you hear it.

I will tell you, thought, that at the beginning of the tape, which is recorded at the Royal Festival Hall in London, back in 1998 when King was over they're to promote Bag of Bones, King tells us a bit about this stories history. At the beginning it was meant to be a fun story. As King wrote it, it passed over from funny to dark at moments, but even so, this is one of King's funniest stories and the darker parts are shorter then usual and is mostly present in the somewhat unexpected ending.

The downside to this audio book isn't so much the story itself but more the packing of it. The publisher has put this story, which is approximately 1 hour long all by itself on one tape. This means that it's a rather expensive story. When Hodder released it the first time back in 1999 they also included an interview with King on the tape. This interview isn't on the LT's Theory of Pets tape, which is sad since it's a rather good one.

Lilja's final words about LT's Theory of Pets:

This is a story that is best enjoyed listened to and not read, if you ask me. I heard it out in the sun with my earphones on and let me tell you, it was great!

If you were to buy this audio book I would recommend you to try and get the version called Stephen King Live! instead. The story is the same; it's recorded at the same time and place. The difference is that you also get an interview with King on Stephen King Live!

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"a broken spoon may become a fork" (LT's Theory of Pets).