The Dead Zone - season 3

Posted: October 20, 2004
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I have just finished the third season of The Dead Zone and let me tell you right off. This series just gets better and better. I almost didn't think it would after season two but it did. Season three is the best one so far and I'm really happy that it's returning for a fourth season.

Season three has 12 episodes and all are really good. Some are a bit better then the rest though. My favorites are episode 9 (Cycle of Violence), 11 (Shadows) and 12 (Tipping Point). Non of the others are bad though.

So, lets take a look at all the episodes.

In episode 1 and 2 (Finding Rachel Pt. 1 and Pt. 2) we get introduced to the character Rebecca Caldwell (played by Sarah Wynter from 24). Johnny tries to helps her find out what happened to her sister Rachel. Something that he is still doing in episode 12…

We also get to learn more about the Armageddon and Stillson. Personally these Armageddon episodes are my favorites. I also really like the character Stillson (played by Sean Patrick Flanery). He really do a great job in portraying the sleazy Stillson. Unfortunately for Johnny his obsession with Stillson gets revealed and he himself becomes a suspect in the disappearing of Rachel.

In episode 3 (Collision) Johnny relives his accident some years earlier but this time there are a little girl present in the visions. Thought the vision of his own accident he has to save this little girl before it's to late. In this episode we also get the understanding that there are something going on between Johnny and Rebecca.

In episode 4 (The Cold Hard Truth) J.J. finally get to know what we have all known from the beginning, that Johnny is his real father. Now he and Johnny has to try and build a relationship as a father and son as well as keeping Walt in the picture. Not an easy task.

In Total Awareness (episode 5) we get to see a kind of Big Brother inspired show in which Johnny helps another psychic from government people. What this episode mainly do though, behind the story, is to give Johnny a chance to be a father to J.J.

In episode 6 (No Questions Asked) we get to see a bit of Walt's background and something that happened to him way back. It includes 2 of his childhood friends and a shooting. Walt really don't want Johnny's help but when Johnny refuses to leave him alone he agrees to let him help him…but only if he don't ask any questions about what he see about Walt's past…

In episode 7 (Looking Glass) we for the first time gets to see someone fooling Johnny into having a vision. A pair of twins makes Johnny have visions of them committing a murder they really aren't doing…or are they…

Episode 8 (Speak Now) is all about Johnny and Sarah's past even if it doesn't look like it from the beginning. The two are at a wedding rehearsal when Johnny sees himself stopping the wedding. He doesn't know why he is doing it though. As it turns out the brides "love of her life" that she thought was dead really isn't and the question now is, does he tell her so she can wait or should he keep his mouth shout and let her be happy now? See the connection to Johnny and Sarah? On a fun side note Johnny also see Bruce's future marriage and drives Bruce nuts with it.

Episode 9 (Cycle Of Violence) is one of season 3's best episodes. While at a performance by J.J. at his school Johnny gets a vision of a shooting. While trying to find out who the shooter is the school becomes a fort with guards at every door. It's making the students really frustrated and angry. I won't reveal the twist on this one. You should see if for yourself but I really liked it. As I said one of the seasons best episode.

In episode 10 (Instinct) we once again get to see Johnny's visions of the end of the world. One thing is different here though. This one might be caused by something else then Stillson…if it's the end of the world at all.

Episode 11 (Shadows) is among the best episodes in this season. Here Johnny gets a vision of himself killing another man. He doesn't know why or even who the other man is. What happens is that Johnny gets visions of what happened in reverse order. Starting with the fact that he kills someone and ending with the reason why he is killing. The only problem is, will he be able to change history before it's to late?

The season finale (Tipping Point) is a really good episode. In this one a lot happens. Johnny's headaches and blackouts are getting worse and he is considering brain surgery to remove his dead zone, his powers in other words. That alone is enough to scare fans of the series. Besides that Rebecca shows a darker side. During a hypnoses she tells Johnny that all he will be able to see if he gets a vision from her is that she is planning a surprise party for him…and it works, very well.

Lilja's final words about The Dead Zone - season 3:

The third season is probably the best one so far. It ends with a cliffhanger that makes you scream for more. If the show had been canceled after season 3 it would have caused an uproar with the fans that's for sure.

I'm not sure when this one will be out on DVD but once it is, go get it!

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