Autopsy Room Four

Posted: August 21, 2003
Category: Dollar Babies
Before I watched Autopsy Room Four I was a bit nervous. Since Autopsy Room Four is my favorite King novel I was afraid that they would have ruined it by turning it into a short film. I couldn't have been more wrong though…

Autopsy Room Four is one of the best Dollar Babies I have seen. They manage to transform Howard's dialog from the novel to the movie in a great way. Since much of what happens is described to the reader by Howard's thoughts they had a real challenge on their hands. One that they managed to solve in the best possible way if you ask me.

It starts with the credit at the beginning of the film where we hear Howard reasoning about where he is and what has happened to him. Then throughout the entire film we hear his thoughts, all the way into the end credit. This in combination with the rest of the movie really tells the story in a superb way. I must say that it's really true to King's novel, something that pleases me tremendously.

All the three mail actors/actress do a perfect portrayal of their characters. I really admire Stephen Furst who plays Howard. He doesn't have an easy part to play. He has to lie and play dead for almost 22 minutes and he does it very well.

Stephen M. Zakman has also been true to the fact that there often are connections to King's other material in the movie adaptations of his work. The actress that plays Dr. Katie Arlen (Torri Higginsson) co-stared in Storm of the Century. Another fun connection (not to King though) is that the character Peter (who is described as "a Baywatch beefhunk only marginally smarter") is played by Micheal Bergin who did actually have a role in…yes, you guessed it, Baywatch. How cool is that?

So, this is one of the best Dollar Babies out there and even though I haven't by far seen all of then I have seen quite a few. The technical aspect of the movie is also satisfying. I'm no filmmaker but it looks fresh and professionally.

To conclude; this is a Dollar Babies you should definitely see if you get the chance! I guess it won't be easy though but you never know…

Lilja's final words about Autopsy Room Four:

I'm happy to see that my favorite King novel has been transformed into a movie in a satisfying way. I was worried before seeing it and extremely pleased after!

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