Rainy Season

Posted: December 12, 2002

A review of Rainy Season, December 12, 2002

So, a new Dollar Baby sees the light. This one is called Rainy Season and is based on King's story with the same name from Nightmares & Dreamscapes. It's the story about John (Benjamin Rouse) and Lisa (Tawna Hutchinson) Graham who plans to spend the summer in the small town of Willow. When they arrive in Willow they make a stop at the local grocery story to get what they need. There they meet Laura (Leight Rose) and Henry (Oto Brezina) who warned them about the "Rainy Season" that will take place during the night.

John and Lisa think that they are being fooled and ignore the warning. That night they learn they weren't being fooled. In fact Laura and Henry where telling the truth, at Rainy Season in Willow it rains toads?!?!

As with almost every Dollar Baby the financing on Rainy Season are rather small. This is obvious in the special effects. When the toads are grinning at John and Lisa you see that it's fake rather easy. This isn't a big problem though. When you look at Rainy Season you know that it's a Dollar Baby and you also know that the Dollar Babies aren't big budget movies. With that in mind you kind of expect things to be low budget.

So, taking that into the equation I think that Nick Wauters (the Director, Writer and Exec. Producer of the movie) has done a terrific job. One thing that I really liked was the way the movie went from black and white to color in the beginning when they enter Willow. Very effective!

How about the actors/actresses then? Well, I think that they do a good job. I'm not sure if they have done much acting before but I think that they are better then some of the better-known actors/actresses we have seen in big budget King-movies. Oto Brezina as the count Dracula sounding Henry is quite funny!

Lilja's final words about Rainy Season

So, all in all Rainy Season is a nice little movie and a worthy Dollar Baby, no question about that. I know I liked it! So, don't miss this one! If you do, you will regret it!

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