Children of the Corn 10

Posted: March 7, 2023
Category: Movies
It’s that time again. The time when you get a new Children of the Corn movie, and you know it’s going to be bad, but you still see it. You have some hope that this time they might have gotten it right even though you know they won’t. Then you watch it, and afterwards just nod and say, “yes, it’s as bad as I guessed it would be”.

The plot of this one is that the adults in town gasses an entire orphanage because they can’t take out a kid with a knife. Eden, the only survivor, flees to the cornfield and returns some time later as a new kid. She is now under the protection of “He who walks” (no walking behind the rows this time) and with no problem or questioning she gets the other kids in town to murder the adults. The only one objecting is Bo, a young girl who wants to study molecular biology and save the town and its corn.

The movie's plot is not only very stupid it’s also very boring and badly written. There are logical mistakes all over and you just want it to end. In one scene Bo is so soaked with gasoline that she can leave a wet trace through a giant cornfield, but nothing happens to her when she is close to the fire. In another scene the kids have built a hole big enough to fit the town’s grownups and deep enough that they have no chance to get up…and that with only a couple of bulldozers operated by kids just old enough to ride a bicycle without the training wheels.

They also decide to show He who walks (behind the rows) in this one and when we see him it turns out he is…nothing more than a stick figure made out of corn sticks that the fire kills in minutes. Scary? Not at all. Ridiculous? Very much so.

So, to summarize. This movie has no logic, no good acting, not a good script and really bad special effects and I’m not surprised that it took two years for it to be released. Is there nothing good then? There is and that’s when the end credit’s roll and it’s over. But at the same time, you realize this is 90 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.

Lilja's final words about Children of the Corn 10:

This is a bad movie in all ways, and I really hope this is the last Children of the Corn movie we’ll ever see.