Mr Mercedes Episode 8 – From the Ashes

Posted: September 28, 2017
Category: Movies
In episode 8 the thing we have been waiting for happens. I both wanted it to happen and didn't. Deborah eats the poison meat. Those of you who have read the book know what I mean and those of you that haven't might remember a few episodes ago when Brady put poison in a piece of meat to give to Jerome’s dog? Well, he didn't and instead he put the meat in his fridge. There Deborah finds it and prepares a meal. Curtains for Deborah. And as sad as I am that Deborah now is gone I have to say that the performance we get from Kelly Lynch is incredible. She is very believable and when she is dead, man that is one believable and creepy corpse.

Bill is trying to recover from Janey's death but he isn't doing all that well. Jerome and Holly do their best to support him but Bill is a hard man to please. He doesn’t want them there. He feels they might be in danger because of him. He even goes to see his daughter (for the first time in years) to make sure she is okay. But even though Bill resists it we do see the trio we know from the books forming; Bill, Jerome and Holly. The only bump in the road for that is Holly's mother who insists she returns home and with the help of Bill, it looks like she is getting her way.

Brady is having a tough episode. At home he finds his mother dying in the kitchen and instead of calling 911 he tries to help her himself, unsuccessfully. Deborah dies but Brady still can't call anyone without risking being exposed for what he really is. Instead he puts Deborah in her bed, clean her up and lies beside her, talking to her and telling here he have something big planned

I like the episode and I like the show. After 8 episodes they still keep it fresh and interesting. There are a bigger involvement by the police here than in the book but that's nothing that bothers me. Bill has a mission to kill Brady and I'm sure he's going to try his best, police or no police. The characters grow and we get to know them more and more. Holly is getting better and better and I really like what Justine Lupe does with the part. She is strange I admit that but you can't not like her. Bill and Brady are still great and Kelly Lynch! What a performance she is putting on! I love it...but am also sad that she ate that darn meat...

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes Episode 8 – From the Ashes:

I have said it before but it bears repeating. Kelly Lynch is perfect as Deborah. Thanks for the performance and R.I.P.