Mr Mercedes Episode 2 – On Your Mark

Posted: August 17, 2017
Category: Movies
The second episode is just as good as the first one and I still have a feeling of unease from the pilot. We get to learn more about both Bill and Brady. We get to see Bill and his partner interrogating Olivia Trelawney and from what we see it’s obvious that they think she didn’t have her keys under control and that she might have forgotten them in her car. She though, is very set on that not being the case. We also see Bill connecting with his neighbor Ida and Jerome Robinson who helps him with a lot of stuff but, most important now, his computer and the messages he gets from The Mercedes Killer.

And as Brady sends more and more stuff to Bill. Videos and images of people killed in the attack. Bill gets more and more frustrated and fragile. It all culminates one night when one of his neighbor’s kids sneaks through his backyard and Bill almost blows his head off. That becomes a turning point for Bill who now decides to catch The Mercedes Killer.

We, the viewers, have figured out that The Mercedes Killer and Brady are one and the same but so far Bill hasn’t. A setup I like. When it comes to Brady he is looking more and more strange. Even his boss tells him he must dial down his strangeness… And between his work and his basement where he is developing “Thing B” he has his mother. And I must say, Kelly Lynch is perfect as Deborah. Creepy but that is perfect for the part.

Episode two also introduces Janey Patterson, Olivia’s sister. Bill contacts her for more info about Olivia and what happened to her. He explains to Janey that he’s no longer a copy but that he wants to get The Mercedes Killer. The episode ends with Bill contacting The Mercedes Killer on “Under Debbi’s Blue Umbrella”.

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes Episode 2 – On Your Mark:

After two episodes, I think Mr Mercedes will be a success! It might actually be the best adaptation of a King book this year…