The Mist Episode 2 - Withdrawal

Posted: June 30, 2017
Category: Movies
In the second episode of The Mist we get to learn more about the characters in the series. When we start out there are three main places where they are held up. The Police station, the church and the mall. During the episode, the people trapped at the Police station (the group consists of Bryan, Mia, Adrian and Kevin) make their way to the church. As they arrive at the church they meet up with Father Romanov, Connor, Natalie and a few others. Things are very tense between Kevin and Connor as Connor’s teenaged son Jay is accused of raping Kevin’s daughter Alex.

Alex and her mother Eve are trapped in the mall with Gus Redman, the mall manager, Jay and a lot of other people. One of the others is Clint who, when he and Eve try to call for help with the emergency radio, seems to know a lot more about what’s happening than he’s telling. He keeps trying to connect with something called Arrowhead and when Eve asks about it he tries to kill her. Needless to say Eve survives.

As the episode progresses we learn more about the characters and where they come from. There is still a lot of questions we need to get answers to but we get to know a little bit more about each of them during the episode. We know that Mia is a drug addict but we don’t know how she can have a hallucination about a dead person that Bryan can also see? We don’t see any creatures out in the mist in this episode but we can feel that there is something out there.

So far I like the series. Things are tightening up and people are starting to understand that there are things out in the mist that want to kill them. We have seen quite a lot of gore and action but also character development and we’re getting to know everyone in the series and I look forward to the next episode.

Lilja's final words about The Mist Episode 2 - Withdrawal:

After two episodes Christian Torpe is keeping me interested in his version of The Mist. I want to know what’s happening and see how the characters in it will react to what’s happening. I also hope we’ll start seeing monsters in the next episode.