11.22.63 Episode 7

Posted: March 28, 2016
Category: Movies
When episode 7 ends we are just 3.5 hours away from the time of the assassination. Lee is in place and just waiting for JFK to drive by, but getting there hasn’t been easy. We move quickly in this episode and we start with Jake in the hospital not remembering who he was following and why. Things are coming back to him but when he leaves the hospital he still can’t remember who it was he was going to kill to save JFK. Sadie takes him back to the area where he lived and together they ask the people living there if they recognize Jake. As they meet Lee, Jake remembers that it was him he was going to kill.

Before they find Lee they visit Bill in the asylum to bring him home and hopefully he will tell Jake what they were doing. But Bill is a changed man. He no longer believes that Jake is from the future. He thinks it was all in his head and if he talks about it he’ll get shock treatment. And as Jake signs his release papers he jumps to his death from the window.

But finally and just in time Jake remembers why he came to the past and what he needs to do. At one moment he gets cold feet and asks Sadie if they should just let the past have its run, leave it all and move to a small house and stay there forever. Sadie says no and that is that. Jake also has a moment where he thinks he sees the Yellow Card Man who tells him that he’s like Jake. He also went back in time but not to save the President. He’s trying to save his daughter from drowning in their pool. Each time he fails though and ends up watching her drown over and over again.

Lilja's final words about 11.22.63 Episode 7:

The buildup to the end is working well. We move fast over the last 15 days but we get a sense of what’s happening and why. Now we just have to see how it all ends and if Jake decides to go back to the future or stay in the past with Sadie.