11.22.63 Episode 6

Posted: March 21, 2016
Category: Movies
Things are closing in on November 22 1963 and Lee is getting a job at the book depository where he is believed to have killed JFK. Time is getting short for Jake. He needs to know if Lee is the only shooter or if there are others involved. At the same time Bill is spending more and more time with Marina and once when Jake comes home, Bill is with Lee and Marina and a bunch of other people in Lee’s apartment celebrating his birthday. Jake goes crazy about this and it all ends with Bill throwing Jake out.

Sadie is out of the hospital and recovering from her injuries. She’ll still have a big scar but she will survive. She seems to have accepted that Jake is from the future…maybe a bit too easy? Three months have passed since he told her and we don’t really know what’s happened during that time but my guess is that he has proven to her that he really is from the future. And she seems to be okay with him being there to save JFK.

When Jake is trying to fix things with Bill he sees Bill and Lee with a weapon and imagines that Bill will be the second shooter. To prevent that he gets Bill committed to an asylum with the excuse that he thinks Jake is from the future, something he doesn’t even have to makeup. Jake confronts George de Mohrenschildt to find out if Lee is working with someone or alone in the assassination and afterwards Jake is convinced that Lee is acting on his own and he decides it’s time to kill Lee. However, once again the past want things to happen differently and before Jake can kill Lee the fellow Jake has placed a lot of bets with beats him up because he think he has inside information on the bets he’s been playing. Will Jake be released from the hospital in time to prevent the assassination of JFK? Will he even remember how?

Lilja's final words about 11.22.63 Episode 6:

The episode is good and all the actors do their jobs as you would expect and I like how we now know the characters. And with only two episodes left we will soon see how it all ends. And I, for one, am looking forward to it.