Carrie: The Musical

Posted: September 25, 2012
Category: Audio
Carrie is one of King’s most known books. It’s been filmed twice and a third version is set for release in 2013. It’s been turned into a stage play twice. Once with a devastating result and once recently with a much better result. Today that last stage play is released on CD for everyone to enjoy. I just did and I must say that I’m impressed. I don’t have much experience, before listening to this one, of listening to stage plays so I didn’t really know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

I enjoyed it and it wasn’t as hard to follow the plot as I expected it would. No doubt the visual effects makes the experience easier to absorb but this audio recording, a great substitute for all of us that can’t see the stage play live, gives the story a different perspective that I like. There's also a 44-page booklet accompanying the CD with photos, lyrics, etc that you want to check out. In it you can also find liner notes and a detailed plot synopsis to help you follow along as you listen to the recording.

The cast all do a great job. They gives you a great performance and my favorite song is The World According to Chris were we get to hear Jeanna de Waal (Chris), Ben Thompson (Bill), Christy Altomare (Sue) and Derek Klena (Tommy). I also like the songs where Carrie (Molly Ranson) and as her mother (Marin Mazzie) argues about Carrie going to the prom. Very intense performance.

Lilja's final words about Carrie: The Musical:

It was very interesting to hear a story that you know so well both from King’s book and the many movies made from it in this way. It definitely demands you attention. You can’t listen to it while studying or something like that, you need to stay focused. But if you do it’s a great way to hear the story and I strongly urge you to try it!