The Walking Dead season 2

Posted: February 13, 2012
In this review I’ll write short reviews of each of the 6 episodes left of season 2 of The Walking Dead. My goal with this is to keep the review alive during the season and hopefully also get your input on each episode. Each new review will go up around the time of the episodes airing, hopefully a little before the episode airs so you can head right over here and comment on what you have seen. Oh, and I will assume that you have seen the episode when I write about it so there will be SPOILERs. If there aren’t, how are we going to be able to discuss them? So, please join in.

Episode 8: Nebraska (February 12, 2012)

This episode is the wakeup call for most of the survivors. They wake up to different things though. Some wake up to the face that Shane isn’t all that wrong in what he says when he keeps telling them they need to stop looking for Sophia and start planning their future. It’s a wakeup call that Sophia is actually dead and it’s a wakeup call that Rick might not be the best leader. I would like to see Shane and Rick go head to head but I don’t want the buildup to it to be too long.

And no matter what wakeup call the slaughter of the Zombies in the barn was to the series characters we get to follow them all in the aftermath of that wakeup call. And it’s nasty. Hershel wants them of his land and his way of looking at this as something passing changes here. And at the end of the episode we’ll get to see a new side of Rick as well. I’m off course referring to Rick shooting the two fellows they meet. That shows how important the safety of the farm is to Rick. I do wonder where they came from though…

This is, from what I hear, the first episode without Frank Darabont at the series show runner but I must say that it still works really well and I really don’t see any difference between this episode and the previous one when it comes to its style. I think this second part of season 2 will be great.

Episode 9: Triggerfinger (February 19, 2012)

This episode we get to see more Zombies as Laurie are attacked after the car accident and Rick, Glen and Hershal tries to leave the bar. And that is good. There have been fewer Zombies this season compared to the first but here we get a few more.

The Shane – Rick issue where Laurie is in the middle is looking like it’s coming to a conclusion. The look on Rick’s face at the end of this episode says that he has had enough. Question is if he’ll get the chance to act on it. And Laurie is coming on strong about Shane. Does she want Rick to take him out? Sure sounds like it.

And then there is the questions of where did those others came from? If you have read the comic, like me, you might have an idea. If they choose to follow the comic that is. They haven’t always so far so… But it’s a clue.

There are a lot of open endings to straighten out and it’ll be interesting to see what they finish before the season ends and what’ll be left for the third season. I hope we get some kind of conclusion to the Shane business. I hope we’ll get to see XX from season 1 and I hope we get to see Machinne. Those of you that have read the comic know who she is and are probably looking forward to her as much as I do.

Episode 10: 18 Miles Out (February 26, 2012)

In this episode we get more Zombies that in most episodes in season 2. Shane and Rick heads out to get rid of Randall, the kid they saved in last weeks episode. They plan on leaving him in what looks like an abandon prison but things aren't really going their way. As they are planing to leave they got overrun by Zombies and their friendship is really put to the test.

Rick also tells Shane that if he wants to stay with the rest of them he has to accept that Lori is his and the child she's carrying is his. Reluctantly Shane agrees. He doesn't say so but by going along with Rick we have to assume that he, at least for the time being, will stay cool about the entire thing.

Personally I don't think Shane has given up on Lori and the baby. I think he, when he gets the chance, will go for them and try to outmaneuver Rick in any way he can. He demonstrate in this episode that he doesn't think Rick is capable to keep them safe. I think we'll see more of their power struggle and I think Shane will loose eventually. If this means he dies or just leaves I don't know but I don't think he will just give in to Rick's demands...

Episode 11: Judge, Jury, Executioner (March 4, 2012)

Wow, what an episode…and what an ending! This episode shows why I love this series so much.

The episode deals with whether the group should kill Randall or not. They have been beating him a lot to try to get him to tell them out about his group. Where they are, how many they are and what they plan on doing. Randall isn’t giving them the answers they want though so they again start talking about the fact that they might need to kill him in order to stay safe. After a meeting about it it’s only Dale that wants to save him. Everyone else is pretty much OK with them killing him even though some more than others.

While this talks place Carl wanders the grounds and while doing so he finds a Zombie stuck in mud. The Zombie can’t get loose and that Carl’s taking advantage of. At first he scared like never before but as he sees that the Zombie is stuck he gets braver and braver… Until the inevitable happens, the Zombie starts to get loose and almost gets a bit of Carl. Carl runs back and either forgets to tell his parents or, thinks he will get in trouble if tells them where the Zombie is (revealing he’s been there). Either way this ends in a catastrophe…

So, I guess there are two big subjects in this episode that needs to be addressed. One being the killing of Randall, or rather the lack of killing him. What do you all think about that? I feel it’s against my principles but on the other hand not doing so might jeopardize all of them. Hard decisions to be made. The other thing is the death of Dale. What a shocker! I didn’t see that coming did you? I think it’s sad to see him go but on the other hand this, the fact that anyone could die, is what makes me love the series. You can never be safe certain at a certain character will be spared.

Oh, and I love the swamp Zombie.

Episode 12: Better Angels (March 11, 2012)

Wow, how is this even possible? After last week’s episode with the death of Dale we’re getting yet another death?

The episode continues with the group trying to decide what to do with Randall and once gain Rick decides that he should be cut loose. Shane doesn’t agree but is told by Rick to accept it and move on. Which he doesn’t. He releases Randall and tricks him into thinking he wants to join his group. Randall then reveals that his group was very close by when he left them.

Shane kills Randall, tricks everyone into believing that he escaped, gets alone with Rick with the excuse that they are looking for Randall and when he does pulls his gun on him. As you could see for yourself the scene is pretty emotional and even though I don’t really think Rick meant that everything could be forgotten maybe Shane did. Up until the second Rick kills him that is.

What can we learn from this episode then? A lot! It’s a very important episode in the series.

1) The first thing we learn is that Lori is very manipulative. I don’t believe for a second that she meant what she told Shane. I think she did it to get him to confront Rick with the hopes that it would end in a way that meant Shane was no more.

2) We learn that no one is safe in the series, just like Glen Mazzara said in my interview with him. Everyone can die, and does.

3) We learn that you don’t need to be bit by a Zombie to become one. Judging from the return of Randall and Shane (as well as the cops we saw in an earlier episode) everyone who dies will come back as a Zombie.

Now it’s just the season finale left before season 2 is over and I don’t even dare guess what that one will have in store for us…

Episode 13: Beside the Dying Fire (March 18, 2012)

Season 2 is over and even though it’s sad that we’ll have to wait about seven months until they are back with season 3 I’m very happy with how the season ended. It was action all the way and when the herd entered the farm it was amazing. It was chaos! The group had to run from the farm and two of Hershel’s kids felt victims to the walkers. Both Patricia and Jimmy got caught and bitten. The survivors got split up but reunited on the freeway where they left a message for Sophia…everyone but Andrea who got left behind and had to flee for her life through the woods and with the herd after her.

Some things that happened in the episode stood out to me.

1) Rick revealed what Jenner whispered to him in the last episode of season 1. It was what most of us has suspected for a while now. That you don’t need to be bitten to become a Zombie. Everyone who dies becomes one.

2) We got to meet Michonne for the first time in the TV series. She makes a memorable entrance in the show and I think everyone will be very happy with her becoming part of the group.

3) We got a glimpse of the prison which indicates that’s where the gang will be for season 3.

What do you think? Are you happy with how the season ended?

Lilja's final words about The Walking Dead season 2:

Season 2 of The Walking Dead was a good season. 13 episodes long it started out with us getting to know the group while they were on the farm and later it got more intense and the last episodes was some of the best stuff I have seen on TV. I personally can’t wait for the premier of season 3!