Mile 81

Posted: January 9, 2012
Category: Audio
The audio edition of Mile 81 is actually a double feature. Besides Mile 81 (narrated by Thomas Sadoski) it also contains The Dune (narrated by Edward Herrmann). And it also has a short excerpt from 11/22/63 as an extra bonus. As most of you probably already know Mile 81 was released as an eBook The Dune in Granta last year and this is the first time they both are released on audio.

Mile 81 is about a car that really isn’t a car and the story itself is quite entertaining but as I mentioned in my review of the eBook (see here) I really think that the kids, Rachel 6 years and Blake 4 years, are acting way to mature for their age. And this strikes me as a bit strange since King usually is very successful in describing children in his stories. But I’m sorry these two feels wrong to me.

The Dune is about the former judge Harvey Beecher who’s found himself a small island that can tell him the future. Well, at least to some extent and even though Harvey isn’t sure he wants to hear what the island tells him he can’t help himself from listen.

Both stories are good but I prefer The Dune if I have to pick a favorite. Here, on this audio, they work well together though and it feels like they are somewhat the same type of stories which makes them a good team for this edition. And both Thomas and Edward do a really good job narrating them. In other words; the Mile 81 audio edition is well worth checking out.

Lilja's final words about Mile 81:

This is as close as you can get of getting versions of these stories, in books with King’s name on, in a version that you can put in your book case. Don’t miss it!