Everything's Eventual

Posted: February 9, 2011
Category: Dollar Babies
We all know the story of Everything’s Eventual. Dinky is recruited to send his special messages to bad people. Dinky has the ability to write letters that makes people commit suicide and that is just what the company that hires him wants them to. In return Dinky gets whatever he wants. Nothing is too big or too small. What Dinky wants, Dinky gets. But one day Dinky gets a face to one of the persons he has written to and everything changes…

Everything’s Eventual is the first feature film version of a Dollar Baby and I must say that it works very well. I was afraid it would show to much that it was in fact a Dollar Baby and since many of them, not all but many, has very limited funding, special effects and actors I was a bit skeptic to whether it would be possible to do a Dollar Baby as a feature film. But J.P. Scott did a good job.

Now, it’s not a Hollywood movie but it’s much better than a lot of movies you can rent at your local video store. The plot comes through really well and Michael Flores does a good job as Dinky Earnshaw. The only thing, casting wise, that I might change is that Mr. Sharpton (Joe Jones) looks a bit to angry. He is trying to win Dinky’s trust and should maybe look a bit friendlier while doing so.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the movie and I feel that it does the story justice. Hopefully it will get to be available to the general public in the future. It was extra fun for a Dark Tower junky to see that the Low men in yellow coats made an appearance.

Lilja's final words about Everything's Eventual:

As I said J.P. Scott did a good job with the movie and I enjoyed it. It’s just less than 80 minutes long, which is long for a Dollar Baby, but if you get the chance, check it out!