Haven - Episode 4

Posted: August 10, 2010
Category: Movies
The fourth episode of Haven is called Consumed and is about spoiled food. Sounds strange I know but it's correct. What happens is that some food is getting very bad and very fast without any warning. Audrey and Nathan connects it to a restaurant that's about to reopen. The chef has been all over the world cooking every meal you can think of and now his back to get his parents old restaurant up and running again. Things aren't going so well though.

In this episode we also get to see Vince Teague and Dave Bowie again and that is nice but it's a bit sad that they are shown in a comical way. That is now how they were portrayed in the book. But on the other hand their part in the story has been changed quite a bit compared to the book.

Duke and Audrey are getting along quite well but Duke and Nathan is still like cat and dog. And we have no idea why. They are both interested in Audrey that is clear but their hate for each other is definitely something from far back, something big. Hopefully we'll find out before the season is over.

The plot of this episode is interesting and quite hard to figger out. There are hints during the show but I didn’t catch any of them when I saw them but when it was revealed what caused the food to go bad I realized that I could have when I seen them.

Some thoughts on the script…

This script is written by Ann Hamilton and on the front of the script we learn that this was actually episode #2 and not #4. I don’t know why they have switched them around but it’s a fun fact to know.

It’s also interesting to see that they put the ages of almost everyone in the script. I guess that is as help for the casting people but its fun fact about the characters.

There are also instructions for the cows in the script: “They enter a large fenced-in pasture space, dotted with a few HOLSTEIN COWS, not moving. (PROD NOTE: all lying down, if possible.)”. and as we know, the cows where laying down…

Lilja's final words about Haven - Episode 4:

This is an interesting episode. The special effects team had their hands full for this one and they pulled it of. Clues about The Colorado Kid are nowhere to be found though...

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