The Battle of Jericho Hill

Posted: April 23, 2010
Category: Comics
The fifth story arc, The Battle of Jericho Hill has come to an end. It contained five issues and was planned to be the last Dark Tower arc. However, because it’s success, Marvel has decided to do more. The biggest difference will be that Jae Lee won’t be the man behind the illustrations on those issues. So, these are the last Lee issue of The Dark Tower saga. And what a saga is.

Gilead has fallen along with one of the beams that hold the tower in its place. The entire existence of everything is at stake and it’s now up to Roland and his friends to find the tower and save it. But not all agrees with Roland on this. Some says he is chasing a legend but as we know they do all leave for it in the end. And this is the first time we hear Roland say he will go after the tower.

The Battle of Jericho Hill is darker and crueler then we are used to. There are a lot of death and sorrow in this story arc. But I like it; it’s definitely one of the best arcs so far. I like the return of Jae Lee to the drawing board but everyone involved has done a great job. I especially liked the last issue. It was like the arc in general quite cruel but also very sad. If this had been the last issue like it was planned to be I would have been very happy with it. The ending is satisfying story wise, even though its way to sad emotionally. I liked it though.

As usually we get a lot of extra stuff in the issues. It’s everything from articles by Robin Furth to sketches of the pages and everything in between. The issues are well documented, as we have gotten used to get them.

Lilja's final words about The Battle of Jericho Hill:

All the five story arcs we have gotten so far makes a very good history lesson over Roland’s way to where the first Dark Tower book starts. There is a small window in time between the two that we don’t know much about. That will change with the next arc though…

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